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Discover why our customers love us

Flexible billing terms. Set your own rules.

Billing conditions vary depending on which plan or services your members are subscribed to. We designed flexible tools to tackle this. And it’s dead simple.

billing flexible
invoicing automation

Save time with automatic invoicing and payments.

Running after your coworkers for payment - no fun. We send invoices automatically, enable online payments and help keep track of your records. Need to modify, cancel or force an invoice? We can do that.

Your online store. Sell what you want.

Keep your members happy by providing services and products they love. Whether you sell snacks, virtual desks or tickets for a relaxation class, they will grab it from your online store.

online store
space mapping 2D

2D floor mapping. Optimize occupancy.

Wondering how many empty seats you will have in two months? Step into our time machine. Our floor mapping feature lets you draw your space in 2D and move it in time. No more surprises.

White Label. Your brand, your way.

An app developed to reflect your brand’s personality. Because we know how hard you’ve worked to create it.

white label
advanced analytics

Advanced analytics. The single source of truth.

Make informed decisions by visualizing key trends. KPIs help uncover inefficiencies and potential churn risks. We take care of everything, you just guide.

Network check ins. No more Hassle.

By implementing friction points in your spaces, we take care of counting your coworkers presence. What does this mean for you? Grab a coffee and enjoy a good talk with a coworker!

network check-in
booking room desk

Room and desk booking on the go. It’s that simple.

It’s midnight, Jack forgot to book a room for an early morning meeting. No problem, He takes his phone and books it directly from the app. Solved.

Employees only channel. Organise yourself.

Office life is full of small tasks that need attention. Whether it’s changing a lightbulb or planning your next event. We created a dedicated team to help you organize and keep track of tasks that pop up during the day.

employee tasks
smooth on-boarding

Smooth onboarding. Win at first impressions.

So much to say, never enough attention span. Streamline your onboarding process and provide your members with information they need. No more redundant questions, they can check back later.

Easy platform switch. Just like that.

Change is good. We designed a simple process to transition platforms easily. Your coworkers won’t even notice, but they will thank you for it.

platform easy switch
750 integrations mailchimp quickbooks facebook

750+ integrations. limitless possibilities.

Thanks to the API key, data and functionalities are accessible within our app. Friction is reduced. Whether it’s an accounting software, a calendar or a mailing service, the possibilities are now endless.

Web based widgets. Direct access from your website.

Let you coworkers access the app, book a room or subscribe to a plan from your website. Paste the script to your code. You are all set.

widget integrations