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Building the world you have imagined

Control over managing your space. Easy yet powerful.

Task automation and streamline processes so you can focus on what matters - your community. From the first tour, until the last coffee.

Learning from the operational needs and limitations, we took the best of the old and adapted it for the new. Always evolving and growing. We never settle.

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A community is the sum of its connections.

Ideas connect people and knowledge is currency. Powerful communities become rich because they connect people with common interests, providing value and affiliation by building a pool of diversity.

Acting as facilitators by removing boundaries between people. One spark can burst into a flame. We support your members at every step.

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Meet the front desk app, your personal assistant.

Visitors and coworkers run into the front desk with specific needs. What if you could provide a better experience for your members, freeing your receptionist of redundant tasks and bring them value instead.

We help automate processes such as sign ups, snail mail delivery, member notifications and more.

How it works

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On a mission to globalize communities.

We aim to bring together the knowledge hungry and relentlessly curious. Physical boundaries between people vanish in our contemporary techno-driven world. Powerful web-based platforms now serve as vehicles to link people and ideas...

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