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Discover why our customers love us.

Channels,team & direct messaging. Be part of your community.

Lead community discussions, send private messages, create or let create specific private and public interest group discussions. Discuss what you want, with who you want.

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member benefits

Member benefits. Free stuff they’ll love.

We work hard to offer discounts to your members on the hottest services & products out there. Let them browse and redeem their benefits, it’s free. You have your own? Simply add them at the top of the pile.

Push events, messages & polls. Increase engagement.

Whether you are promoting events, have important messages or need suggestions, let your coworkers know about it. We promise, they won’t miss it.

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global coworking coworker community

A global movement of coworkers and shared-space owners.

We have a dream that you could be a part of. Open yourself to a global network of coworkers & shared-space owners to become a part of a community of like-minded people where knowledge and resources are always shared.

Member and company profile. Engineer serendipity.

Remove barriers and forge meaningful connections between members. Whether it’s business related or for a yoga class, they will find who they need. The ice is already broken.

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cross platform ios android osx windows linux

More than a web based solution. keep them engaged.

Adapted for the lifestyle of the modern worker, you can find us on every device.