Our mission

Human connections fuels the engine of our modern economy

A global community of coworkers moving further collectively

We aim to bring together the knowledge hungry and relentlessly curious. Physical boundaries between people vanish in our contemporary techno-driven world. Powerful web-based platforms now serve as vehicles to link people and ideas.

Sparkgrid wants to connect individuals that give context and substance to their work. No matter how far or close, your coworkers are now connected to the right people, and distance is just an illusion.

With the switch of a button, you can now provide endless benefits to your members. Whether they need a brain date, a job or the right connection, we make it happen.

The world is at the edge of a cultural shift in how we work and you are already part of it. What if you could push it further?

A close knit network of workspace owners sharing knowledge

Be part of a shared space collective that is always available to support and foster you and your business' growth.

Sparkgrid is free of a traditional corporate structure; everyone is on a transparent and leveled playing field once they decide to be part of the network. Allowing you to effortlessly exchange best practices, strategies and experiences.

Information sharing is the bread and butter of personal and professional growth. This is an opportunity to learn from others successes and failures. Share stories, laugh, connect, maybe make a new friends.