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Included key features
  • Billing and invoicing tool
  • Automated onboarding
  • Desk & room booking
  • Online store
  • 2D floor mapping
  • Advanced analytics
  • Reporting
  • Network Check-in
  • White label
  • Community corner
  • Member benefits
  • User & company profiles
  • Front desk app
  • Cloud & desktop based app
  • IOS & Android app
  • Third party Integrations
  • Dedicated website widget
  • Free support, anytime
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Active users are coworkers that subscribe to a plan or a recurring service. Drop-ins, day pass & conference room users are free! Enjoy.

Common Questions & Support

What is Sparkgrid and how is it different from other platforms?
Simply put, Sparkgrid is a powerful platform that help you manage your shared-spaces and community. But we are more than that. Visit the mission page to understand why we stand out.
Do I need to sign a long term contract?
No. There is no commitment. You can start on the free trial and upgrade to our monthly plan when you are ready to go.
How is my data protected within Sparkgrid?
We take security very seriously. Every day, you provide services to companies and professionals that need a secured access. Whether you are on the mobile app or on your laptop, nothing is moved over the network without encryption and credit cards are stored off-site.
How will my account be billed monthly based on my active users?
At the end of your billing cycle, Sparkgrid will make a charge in US dollar based on the number of coworkers that were on a plan or on a recurring service during the month. Members using only day passes, conference bookings, non recurring services or a combination of those options, are not considered as an active user.
How can I contact your team?
If you have additional question or need assistance, you can simply call us at (+1) 514-560-3902 or email the team at support@sparkgrid.co. We will answer right away.
How hard is it to switch from another software to Sparkgrid?
Sparkgrid designed a simple process to help you transition to our platform seamlessly. You might be scared to lose track on what you were doing before but it won’t be the case. You can reach out at support@sparkgrid.co for more information. We will gladly guide through the process.
Do you provide training?
Sparkgrid is an intuitive platform. Training is not required as you will be able to navigate easily and have access to support videos for complex set ups. However, if you experience any roadblock, our team is there to assist you. Either chat with us from the app or set up an onboarding meeting at support@sparkgrid.co.